Dictionary of Dark web.

Dictionary of Dark web.


From wikipedia: is a code-term used primarily in North America that refers to the

consumption of cannabis and by extension, as a way to identify oneself with cannabis

subculture or simply cannabis itself. Observances based on the number 420 include smoking

cannabis around the time 4:20 p.m. (with some sources also indicating 4:20 a.m

Also known as the special sale when the vendor Tony76 executed the most famous Scam on

Silk road.


In charge of a collection of services a year or two ago, including TorStatusNet, Hidden Image

Board, a hosting service.


An online market. It is operated as a Tor hidden service, such that online users are able to

browse it anonymously and securely without potential traffic monitoring. The website

launched in December 2013. It is part of the Deep Web. It has been recommended in some

way by the same guys of BTCfog.


Any digital cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin, altcoin – any digital cryptocurrency other than



This thing you want to have if you dont want to be found while using dark net markets.


File upload site. You want to send a PDF/image/whatever to another user? Upload it to

anonfiles, then you can share your custom link, and whoever you send it to can download

your file anonymously.


Creator and Moderator of /r/DarkNetMarkets, very promiscuous has had relations with all

Moderators there, also is the CSS guru!


A group of individuals who are well known for ordering LSD from many vendors back in the

day of Silk Road 1.0, reagent testing it, consuming it, a writing reviews about the quality of

the products. They currently can be found on the deep web on the Majestic Garden forum.


All You’re Base, general Onionland portal


THW without the CP. Known formally as All You’re Wiki. Most people use it now.


The Administrator of Black Market Reloaded (BMR)

Bergie Web

The level of the internet hierarchy that comes between the “surface” and the “deep web,” if

you are comparing the internet to an ocean. This includes porn, chans, and other sites that

provide you with information on how to access the deep web. Peer-to-peer file sharing

networks are also part of this level.


“Wash” your bitcoins. Bitcoins can be traced, so let’s say you received bitcoins from an

illegal activity, those coins can be traced back to you if you use them on another website that

is linked to your real identity (localbitcoins, paypal, bitstamp, MtGox etc). This handy website

will erase all traces on your coins. the service is accessible here:



An open source, peer-to-peer payment network and pseudo-anonymous digital currency being

used for almost all transaction on the darknet.

Black Market Reloaded

Also known as BMR,the oldest dark net market since Silk Road was shut down, the site is

currently offline and planned to be back with a newer version.


Wikipedia Definition: A block chain is a transaction database shared by all nodes

participating in a system based on the Bitcoin protocol 


Boss of the Deep Web


A marketplace user that is not a vendor.


The practice of stealing and selling credit card information

CD (Controlled Delivery)

The technique of controlled delivery is used when a consignment of illicit drugs is detected

and allowed to go forward under the control and surveillance of law enforcement officers in

order to secure evidence against the organizers of such illicit drug traffic.


A silk road forum moderator.


Hugest faggot, avoid him more. Hosts numerous services. (Its not us who said this!)


tor hidden services / i2p / freenet / any other anonymity network

Cold Storage

A secure offline wallet for your Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies


When mentioned in the context of the deep web – it usually mean Child pornography,

something you should know and avoid at all cost when browsing around.


Regular internet (non TOR)


All the means of hiding and encrypting the data that you send over the internet.

Dark Net

A general term that describes the hidden websites hosted on the TOR / I2P and other networks

that you cannot access with regular internet connection without using some special software

or get crawled by Google and other search engines. more info can be found here

Dark Nexus

HTTP Refresh Chat


A sub Reddit meant for the discussion of the various Dark Net markets, can be found at this


DDOS Attack

Denial-of-service attack Form of an attack that is an attempt to make a machine or network

resource unavailable to its intended users, was common on Silk road, some say it was used to

locate the server location using a know tor vulnerability. Read the Wikipedia page for the

technical explanation


Darik’s Boot and Nuke software for wiping you harddrive from all information.

Deep Web

Synonymous with “Dark Net”.


The site where this list was created, can be found here: http://www.deepdotweb.com A Blog

focusing on deepweb news.


Current administrator of Silk Road 2.0.


In our context, this term is usually used to describe a disagreement between a buyer and a

seller on the markets.


a/k/a Jacob Theodore George IV, according to Homeland Security Investigations (HSI)

Digitalink was the first vendor on Silk Road selling illegal drugs to be arrested.

DoD / Coachella / HH (and some others)

A Well known scammer & troll, was eventually doxxed on some article and was not seen

much since.


A term that refers to making an order from a vendor the resides on the same country as the



You will encounter many requests for them on the darknet markets, will usually list a bitcoin



The act of posting in a public forum the personally identifying information of a pseudonym

used by an individual or the information posted therein.

Dread Pirate Roberts

The pseudonym used by the administrator of the original Silk Road market. It has been

speculated that more than one person may have been using this pseudonym, but “Ross

William Ulbricht” has been indited by the FBI as being the sole owner.

DDG/Duck Duck Go

A search engine that respects privacy.

Emergency BTC Address

An address to be held on record to send all funds to in case of a market shutdown. This would

ideally be a cold storage address with no information that could be used to connect the owner

to their identity. This address would only be checked after a market was shut down in order to

recover outstanding funds.


Using secret information to make it infeasible without knowledge of said information to

decipher the ‘cypher-text’ produced into a plain text message. This can take one of two forms,

symmetric encryption which used a shared secret that both parties must know in advance, or

public key cryptography where the information to encrypt the information differs from the

secret needed to decrypt the information.


The use of a neutral third party to ensure that a transaction payment will be made to a seller

on completion of items sent to a buyer. Generally after a purchase is made, the funds are held

‘in escrow’ to be released when the buyer states the seller has met the terms of the purchase.

Generally the third party will also offer arbitration in case of a dispute between the two


Electrum plugin

Used on The Marketplace to create multi signature transactions with a click of a button – full

usage instructions can be found in this tutorial.


New Admin Of Torchan


The Federal Bureau of Investigation. This is the USA’s state-wide police who prosecute

violations of federal laws. They do not involve themselves in violations of state law.


Finalize early. This is the release of escrow funds before the seller knows that the conditions

of the contract have been met. This is used to reduce seller risk from BTC price fluxuation,

and against market shutdown. This is also used to scam buyers as after the escrow has been

released there is no recourse for the buyer if the seller does not deliver on their promises.


A message left from a seller to the vendor, or vice versa, about how well a transactions went.

It is considered good form to not reveal any information about the methods the seller used to

ship the order nor the vendor’s or seller’s location or details. This is made publicly available

to allow users of a site to determine if they should trust the vendor or seller

Flush (Curtis Green)

An individual the FBI accuses Dread Pirate Roberts of ordering to be murdered. This person

is also accused of being ‘Chronicpain’ from the Silk Road Forums, and an employee of Silk

Road. The details of the allegations can be read – Here, here & This is a great resource. 

Freedom Hosting]

Huge free web provider. Some of its services hosted child porn. Busted by the feds around the

same time SR was busted. SR also was hosted on it for a while before it switched to a dedi



A peer-to-peer platform for censorship-resistant communication.


Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

Galaxy Deep Web Social Network

(http://hbjw7wjeoltskhol.onion/) is the currently most active dark net chat, a great place to

keep in touch with friends and vendors, share the newest FUD and fuck up your OPSEC while

waiting for your order to be shipped.


An online blog that reports on web trends. Notable for being one of the first major sites to

report on the existence of the Silk Road on 2011-06-01 at http://gawker.com/the´┐żunderground-website-where-you-can-buy-any-drug-imag-30818160


British Government Communications Headquarters, equivalent to the NSA in the United



Cross Marketplace search engine for the DeepWeb (see the sidebar link here)


Famous hacking phpBB board, also hosted downloads for files like zeuS.

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