15 Fun Google Tricks we bet you didn't know!

For a significant percentage of Internet users, Google is indispensable. To satiate our insatiable hunger for knowledge, we use Google every day. Let's take a break and explore some Google tips, entertaining searches, and entertaining activities that are concealed within Google's enormous database. What purpose does each of these Google techniques serve? These Google tactics serve no purpose. These are amusing Google features. You can demonstrate this to your pals to show them your geeky side. This post focuses on all the wonderful things Google can help you with. I've also put together a list of Google tips. What's on the list. Notification Google keeps deleting the outdated easter eggs and adding new ones. On ElgooG, you can experiment with Google's long-lost secrets. ElgooG is a Google mirror website. The Greatest Google Fun Tricks List

15 Fun Google Tricks we bet you didn't know!

1.Make a barrel roll

Asking Google to do a barrel roll is its most popular trick. Google will roll in a barrel. Do a barrage roll is as simple as typing the word into the search field. After twice rotating, it will revert to its starting position. It is worthwhile to look into.

2. Atari Breakout

Everyone will always remember the original Atari Breakout from the 1990s, despite the fact that the board game has gone through hundreds of iterations. If you haven't had the chance already, don't miss it.
The game can be found in elgooG but not through Google Search. To find the Atari Breakout Game section, scroll down the page. You may now play the well-known game by using the blocks created from all of the Google photos. Leave your highest score in the comments section below.

3. Askew

Another entertaining Google ruse is askew. Go to the Google search bar to observe how your website leans. It's entertaining to watch the biggest search engine slant a bit on your desktop, even though it doesn't appear as exciting as other Google gimmicks.

4. Recursion

Understanding requires a comprehension of recursion. This Google tip is only for IT specialists.
If you Google "recursion," you'll find yourself in a similar infinite loop. Repeating anything is known as recursion. When you type "recursion" into Google, the question "did you mean to recursion?" appears. For geeks who can comprehend recursion, it is entertaining.

5. Google gravity

Even the Google site shows off the wonders of gravity. Here’s how to make Google bend down for once.
Search for "Google Gravity" and press the "I'm feeling Lucky" button. This will direct you to the entertaining project Google Gravity. This is a Hi-Res Chrome Experiment.
The Google search used in the Gravity trick is interactive. Finding the menus could be challenging.

6. Thanos

Fans of Marvel will love this Google trick. Go to elgooG and click on "Thanos snap-trick". To access Marvel's supervillain biography, click "Thanos snap trick" on the search results page

Click on the “Gauntlet”, located just below Google Images, to see Google disintegrate its page listing.

7. Angram

Even if it's not humorous, this dad joke will make you smile. Here is a Google Developers example.
Google will inquire about “Anagram” is what you mean when you search for it. It is a fake word that Google uses to ask you if you meant “Nag A Ram”.

8. Zerg Rush

While ElgooG still has the wonderful Google search that the All Too Flat built, erg Rush appears to have disappeared.
Visit ElgooG and select Zeg Rush. The search bar will start to lose a lot of "os," slowly filling the full page. Watching it is extremely entertaining.
By clicking, you can also access the secret Google trick.“I am feeling Lucky” after you have typed “Zerg Rush”, on the Google search bar.

9. Google Sky

Google Sky, another cool Google trick allows users to fly through space. Google sky allows you to see celestial objects such as stars, galaxies and planets.

10. The F.R.I.E.N.D.S Trick

This Easter egg was created by Google on the 25th anniversary the hit sitcom “Friends.”
You only need to conduct a search for the character names of any comedy together with the term “friends”. You can search for “Ross Friends”, or “Monica Friends”, and each icon will be displayed on the right side.
With a smartphone, it can be seen with ease. To view the magic, click the symbol.
Google Search can also be used to search for “Friends Glossary”, which will reveal funny definitions of phrases used on the TV show.

11. Timelapse

Google Earth’s new feature, Timelapse, allows users to view a timelapse showing how an area has changed over 37 years. This feature allows you to view the evolution of metropolitan areas over time, as well as the melting of Antarctica ice.
It’s not technically a Google Search trick but it’s still quite entertaining. Go to the Google Earth Timelapse webpage to access the feature. Select the area that you would like to see the timelapse.

12. Animal Sounds

You can search for Animal Sounds if you're searching for something amusing to search on Google. You can make sounds of various animals, as the search query says.
When you browse the search results, tap the volume icon next to the animal's name.

13. Cha-Cha Slide

Learn some dance moves! Look for ChaCha Slide, then click on the Microphone icon. Continue clicking on it to try new moves.

14. Google in 1988

Have you ever wondered what it was like back in 1988 when Google was created? Just type “Google 1988” into the Google search box to see it for yourself.
You will notice that there were very few websites in search results back then. Moreover, they did not have images.

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