Hi guys!I hope you all doing fine.
As I told you in the post about cashing out cvv's and cc's for do this job safe and successful you 
still need to know some small but important details.Maybe some of you already try to cash out cvv 
but the transaction was canceled.This could happen because your IP appear to be in some other 
country or city that the cvv real holder address.This is very easy to solve,all you have to do is 
to learn and use SOCKS.Some of you probably think that the VPN is enough but it is not
!VPN will hide your IP and without the help of VPN provider you are not trackable.SOCKS is 
trackable and not secure and all it does is to does is to make your internet browser to appear in 
the area you chose.So for cash out cvv's you will need you IP to appear in the area that the cvv's 
real holder lives and for make this possible you have to use SOCKS.But remember that SOCKS are not 
enough to hide your IP and are used just for "cheat" the security system and make them believe that 
you are living in the cvv real holder area.SOCKS can be trackable !So even if you will use SOCKS 
the VPN must still be used!A1ways activate your VPN before start carding.Clean the browser history 
and then you are ready to go.We apply SOCKS on the Mozilla Firefox browser.SOCKS5 came in format 
IP:PORT or for example 23.498.33.910
:9500.In this example 23.498.33.910 is the IP and 9500 is the port.
So next time,before you try to cash out cvv using online shopping you must remember to use SOCKS to 
make your IP appear in the same area as the address of the cvv holder.
To download Mozilla Firefox go to this link .Remember to 
download all stuff used for carding in English.I know that seems more easy to have your computer 
set into your own language but is not recommended as cookies saved into your pc will allow the site 
you visited to have a look to your computer.Lets say that you are a Romanian and your browsers and 
computer stuff is all in Romanian language.As this language is used only in Romania,who ever can 
look into your computer may know you are a Romanian citizen.Also make sure that the date and time 
of your computer is set on format GMT+ or GMT- as the cvv real holder living area.This are small 
but important details to protect your self and to have success when you try to carding.
To change your IP using SOCKS all you have to do is to get a SOCKS provider.There are plenty of 
Auto-shops which sell SOCKS.I personal use index.htm but there are many other 
sites from where you can chose.Once you have your cvv and the SOCKS located in same city or area 
with the cvv address you can start carding.At this moment you already must know what site you want 
to hit and have everything read to do this work.
Open now Mozilla Firefox browser and click "Tools",

a small pop-up window will be open on your desktop.In this window ,click "Options".

You will be taken to other window,here click "Advanced"

and select "Network".Click on "Settings".

An other small pop-up window will open on your screen.Chose "Manual proxy configuration" and fill 
up the Socks Host with the IP you got from your SOCKS provider and then fill up the Port also got 
from the provider.

Click "OK" and the both pop-up windows.Now allow few seconds to activate the SOCKS then go to any 
IP check site

SOCKS-change your lP to help you cash out cvv from any country.txt[27/03/2022 11:58:25 AM]

and make sure your IP was changed.I use ,but you can use any site you trust.Once 
you have your real IP hidden with the VPN and your computer seems to be located in the cvv real 
holder area,with SOCKS you can try your best and make some money!
Good luck and be safe!

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