CHAPTER 3:- Installing Virtual Box

CHAPTER 3:- Installing Virtual Box

The first question that comes to our mind is: why do we need a virtual box when we 
have a default operating system in place? There are several reasons. The most important 
reason is: in a virtual box we can play with any operating system without any fear of 
messing it up, even breaking it up. There is every possibility that while testing a hacking 
tool we could break a system. I encourage you to do that. It is a virtual machine. So, go 
ahead. Test everything that comes to your mind. Another great reason for using virtual 
box is the safety. When you visit a web site. you might consider it to be safe but in reality 
it could not be so. But nothing matters in the case of a virtual box. It is not your original 
machine with confidential data. Visiting an unsafe web site is not annoying anymore.
Only one thing you need to remember. Stay within the law. While testing your 
hacking tools or running codes, you cannot jeopardize any other system.
The Oracle Virtual Box official web site offers plenty of download options. You can 
choose any one of them. According to your OS, you go to the “download” section and see what 
is available for you. From the next image you will have an idea how you can proceed further.

As in my case, you clearly see that “x86_64” stands for 64 bit. In the Virtual Box 
official download page for all Linux distribution, you first download the required 
packages and then install it according to the nature of your OS. For Red Hat, Fedora or 
any Linux distribution belonging to that category, you will notice that the last extension 
is “.rpm”. In that case, you can move to the Virtual Box folder and issue commands like 
“rpm -i” or “yum install” in case you run Red Hat or Fedora.
But there are more simple methods to install Virtual Box.
For the absolute beginners it is much helpful to run Ubuntu Linux distribution as 
your default OS. You can install Virtual Box from the software center directly without 
opening up the terminal or issuing any command.
The Ubuntu software center has many categories. One of them shows the “installed” 

It is not there by default. In that case, it is extremely easy to install. You can just 
type “Virtual Box” on the search text box and it will pop up. Move ahead and press the 
installation button.

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