CHAPTER 6 :- Python 3 and Ethical Hacking

CHAPTER 6 :- Python 3 and Ethical Hacking

Python can do many things, especially in the socket and networking field. Additionally, 
in system monitoring it has huge importance. In the advanced level of ethical hacking it 
can cast a magical spell. You can write your own Python program for any type of security 
Remember, any program written in Python or any language does issue some 
instructions. And they are more or less same. They are:
INPUT: Get data from keyboard or any file or any source.
OUTPUT: Display data on screen or send it to any file, device or any other source.
MATHEMATICS: Do some basic mathematical operations like add, subtract, 
multiply or divide. It can be complex also. It depends on your application.
CONDITIONAL EXECUTION: Check that the conditions are properly met. Like “if 
that is true then do something else/do some other thing.”
REPETITION: Perform some action repeatedly.
Most people used to have a Windows or Macintosh platform at their home. Before 
you start, I ask you to try Linux as a dual operating system. There are a lot of user-friendly, 
free Linux distributions available. You can try Ubuntu, or any Debian package. Just 
download the stable ISO image and burn it onto a DVD and install it along with your 
running OS. It will help. Python comes with every Linux distribution.
The available Linux will run inside Windows so whenever you want to try any open 
source programming language like Python or PHP, you can take advantage of it. You can 
try the Linux terminal whenever necessary.
Basically, Python comes with any Linux Distribution, so you need not worry about 
the installation in Linux. That is also a plus.
If you want to stick to Windows, please visit the download section of the official 
Python site. According to your system configuration, download the “python-3.4.4.tar.
xz” file for windows. When you extract that file, you will get the “python-3.4.4 Windows 
Installer Package.” Just run it and follow the simple steps. I suggest you download the 
documentation along with the installer package. This documentation is extremely 
helpful, not only for beginners but for seasoned programmers. After downloading, open 
the documentation.

This documentation is purely designed for programmers, not for beginners. But as 
a beginner, you need to accustom yourself to this manual so that after a certain period, it 
becomes a part of your programming life.
Almost every possible programming problem is discussed in this documentation 
and, moreover, you can develop the code and create some awesome application with the 
help of this documentation.

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