Category: ethical hacking

Chapter 8: Web Security

Just like physical stores, homes, government locations, web applications alongside websites are also susceptible to their securit...

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Chapter 7: Network Scanning and Management

The ability to scan for and connect to other network devices from your system is crucial to becoming a successful hacker, and wit...

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Chapter 6: Introduction to Cybersecurity

We define cybersecurity as being the protection of computer systems, computer networks, and their associated programs from attack...

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Chapter 5: Uses and Applications of Kali Linux

The uses of Kali Linux are wide-ranging. Below, I have outlined and discussed some of them. Feel free to download the documentati...

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Chapter 4: Wireless Network Hacking

There are many advantages to using wireless networking. However, this kind of technology comes with a host of threats and vulnera...

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Chapter 3: The Hacking Process

In short, Ethical hacking, performed by white hat hackers, is a term used to describe defense hacking for companies and organizat...

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Chapter 2: The Basics of Kali Linux

In the introduction, we pointed out that Kali Linux is a Linux distribution and can be downloaded as an ISO file. You will be req...

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Introduction to Kali Linux Part-1

In this chapter you will be introduced to a diverse area of ethical penetration testing. It is also referred to as ethical hackin...

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