Hacking Your Own Windows Password

Some people forget passwords – it happens every day. So what do you do when you or someone else you know gets locked out of their own computer? That’s basically when your own trusty hacking skills (no matter how basic they might be) will come into play. However, you should remember that breaking into someone else’s computer is considered illegal – unless they hired you to do it.

Hacking Your Own Windows Password

Default Administrator Account

So, let’s say that you have a machine that still runs Windows 7 (some people just hate Windows 8).
One of the hacks that you can do is to use the Windows 7 Administrator account – the default one, yes.
It’s usually disabled when you boot the computer in normal mode. So, what you need to do is to boot
the computer in Safe Mode.
Once the computer boots to Safe Mode, you must select the default administrator on Windows 7. It’s
the one that has no password requirement. You just leave the password box blank to log in. Once
you’re logged in you can go to Control Panel and change the password of the user account in question.

Password Reset Disk

A password reset disk contains a small wizard program that will guide users to creating a new
password for the locked Windows user account. This disk (or the password reset file, which can also
be stored in a USB thumb drive) should have been created when the operating system was newly
installed. Most people just make the reset disk and forget about it. Now that they have forgotten their
Windows password, it’s high time you help them remember where they put it. Once you have it, plug
it into the computer and click “Reset Password.”
All you need to do after that is to follow the prompts. You’ll be asked where the password reset files
are located, so select the proper drive where the file is located (i.e. the thumb drive). You will also
be prompted to enter a new password. All you have to do after that is to follow the instructions that
come up on the screen.


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