How to get free domains.

How to get free domains.

Hay there guys
Welcome to yet a fresh installment of another domain method, but also you should realize there's 
probably like a million Free hosting methods out there but non Like i found here, this is pretty unique 
and i would recomend using the hosting. they seem pretty good and pretty much dedicated to their 
work, plus your not paying anything so...
Let's get right into it Shall we..
First what you need is either 
• A proxy
• or a VPN
Your proxy or vpn should be based in the netherlands area, because of course this site
Is located in the netherlands, have you got it? good now head onto this site:

Simply Enter any domain of your choice, it can be whatever domain you choose, i don't know if they 
support all domains but I'm pretty sure they Allow most domain forms.

Now simply click the little + Button for which domain you want, you can actually pretty much get as 
many as you want, but i just got one anyway. now hit the zoek button which takes you to the next.


Hit the blue button your getting there just a few more pages to complete.

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