Social media hacking PART -3

Changing ip address

Social media hacking PART -3

Changing ip address-

= changing the ip of an operating system is very important for hackers and for normal public also because the people should not be allowed to remain anonymously on the web. I don’t like that site need to track how much hours i spend watching YouTube videos or how i do my online banking, especially with every company crumbling under the fingers of information So there are three methods of changing the ip address and be anonymous.

(1) Proxy chain

(2) Tor browser

(3) Vpn (virtual private network)

(1) Proxy chain

Proxy chain is a tool allow you to chain multi proxy to connect to each other and then wrep your program of choice the connect to the Internet this masks your ip with many layers and can be a good tool when you are trying to be anonymous by the help of proxy chain we can select any country ip address by our choice.

Steps to change ip with proxy chain tools.

Step1- first download the proxy chain tool by typing the urn in url box or directly type on google download proxy chain too googleweblight you will get.

Step2- And install this tool and open terminal

Step3- type command sudotor -zxvf Now change the directories and configure

Step4- Type cd && ./configure

Step5- then type sudo make

Step6- Install the proxy chain command Sudo make install

Now this time to watch a video go to and type proxy chain configuration select the video with same title and watch it.


1. Nano proxychain.conf

2. Add proxies to the confirmation files

3. Proxy chain curl -s

To run Firefox through it, run.

Proxy chainFirefox – That will wrap around Firefox connection and run it through the chain if you ip address has changed congratulations!

Tor browser -

= Tor browser is a software protect you by bouncing you communication around a distribution network of relays run by volunteer all around the world. This software is available in every platform like android,iso, Windows and Linux and many more and by the help of this software we can make our self more anonymous. All the attack of hacking are performed by kali Linux so we need to learn how to install the tor browser in kali linux. Just follow the given steps to install in kali linux os

Step1- open the browser of you kali Linux os

Step2- go to and type tor browser for kali Linux and download from its official website but remember download the application according to your os bit.

Step3- now your file is in zip format the extract it

step4- Open that folder and there you will see a text file name start tor browser open that and type ctrl +f to find so type root on the file search box.

Step5- There you will see a script written as “id-u “ -eq=0 so just edit the text just change 0 into 1 and save it.

step6- Now cut every folder and go to desktop and open a terminal and type cd desktop if your tor browser file is in the desktop otherwise go to that folder where your tor browser installation file is and type command cd the tor browser file installation name.

Step7- You will enter on that file directory so just need to type cd that copy the open tor browser file name and past into the terminal after writing cd and press enter installation will start automatically. Browse the Internet without any tension about tracking because the tor browser change you ip after some time so it is very difficult to find your current location.

Vpn (virtual private network )

- Vpn standards for virtual private network it is a secure tunnel between two or more devices .vpn are used to protect private web traffic from snooping interference. A vpn available from the public Internet can provide some of the benefits of wide area network. So today we will learn how to use vpn in kali Linux and more secure and safe.

Steps to connect the open vpn settings

Step1- go to desktop and open a terminal and type all this commands

Sudo apt-get install network.

Manager-openvpn network-manager

Network-manager-gnome network


After typing all this command all the settings will open to connect the vpn. Then update the network manager config in vim just type command.


Press i and install a mode.

Then arrow down to the line that says.

[Main] Plugins=ifupdown,keyfile



After then reboot you pc and after rebooting go to desktop and open terminal and type these commands

= Mkdir -/openvpn. Then Cd into that directory.

= Cd -/openvpn Then run this command

= wget Then download from given link the file will be in zip format the extract it.

Open Settings, then go to Network. Once in network:

1. click + at the bottom left to add a new connection.

2. Choose VPN.

3. Click import from file.

4. Go to the openvpn folder we made earlier.

5. Double click on the connection you want, (us-east, mexico, toronto, etc)

6. Remove :1198 from the end of the gateway field, should just end with .com

7. Put in your PIA username and password

8. Click Advanced

9. Check Use custom gateway port and set it to 1198

10. Click the security tab at the top

11. Scroll down until you see AES-1286-CBC and check that one, do not use the lower case aes-128-cbc if you see it.

12. Change the HMAC Authentication to SHA-1

13. Click OK

14. Click Apply

15. Choose your new VPN from that list and click the On/Off switch and watch it connect.

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