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Chapter 7: Gmail Libraries

I n the previous chapters, you discovered how Gmail works: how it loads into your browser, and how it handles your mail through...

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Chapter 6: Gmail and Greasemonkey

Another phenomenon to hit the web at the same time as Gmail was the Firefox browser. Indeed, the growth of this open source appl...

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Chapter 5: How Gmail Works

By now you’ve learned how to use Gmail with some flair, and you can change the way it looks to a certain extent. Now you have to...

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Chapter 4: Skinning Gmail

Being a web-based application, and written by people who understand modern practices, Gmail is skinnable using a user-side CSS f...

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Chapter 3: Gmail Power Tips

Now you’ve integrated Gmail into your desktop and moved all of your mail over into it, but before you start to rip the applicati...

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chapter : 2 Integrating Your Existing Mail

Gmail is probably not your first e-mail account, but its features may well make it your best. Certainly it’s likely to be the on...

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Hacking Gmail Chapter 1: Desktop Integration

Welcome to Hacking Gmail. Thanks for buying this book. If you haven’t bought it, you should. It’s very good, and once you buy it ...

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